Primos Scarface Decoy Review

Primos Scarface Decoy Review: If you feel trouble finding deer to take a clean shot during hunting, then you should try a deer decoy. It always favors you whether you are a beginner or an expert hunter. As the decoy looks like a real deer, it helps you lure the deer and make them closer within your hunting range for comfortable shooting. You can also bag plenty of deer than the traditional method you may have used for years.

Essential Features of  Primos Scarface Decoy:

Once you’ve decided to buy adeer decoy, you may be overwhelmed to see a lot of models and brands available on the market. You may not be sure which one will be suitable for you. To make your job easier to find a great deer decoy, we are going to review on Primos Scarface Decoy. It will ensure you to get a lot of features and provide great benefits. So, let’s check them first.


When you bring out the deer decoy from the box, you will have a body with four legs, head, tail, and antlers. Besides, the height of the decoy is about 40 inches to top of the back and another 10 inches to top of the anglers. Also, it weighs just 13.5 lbs.

Durable Structure

The Primos Scarface Deer Decoy is the construction of high-quality, durable plastic materials. The manufacturer has also tested it in different hunting environments. As the decoy has a rubber coating design, it doesn’t make much noise.


This Primos Scarface Decoy contains the natural tan color in its overall body. When you place it in hunting spot, it fits well with the surroundings.

Realistic 3D design

The deer decoy looks like an incredible 3D decoy. When you are looking at this tool from a distant position, you will get a clear picture of a real-life deer.

Removable Antler

The deer decoy allows you to remove its antler. You can switch quickly from a buck to a doe by taking the antler away from the head.

Dovetail Legs

The decoy supports a dovetail leg system, so it keeps attached though a breeze is snapping on it. Again, you can have a stand that helps you hold the decoy exactly where you want to place it.


You can disassemble all the body parts of the deer decoy for convenient carry. You can separate all these parts from the body for convenience carry. When you get to the hunting location, you can again quickly reassemble them. Also, you can come off the ears and head very soon.

Lifelike Motion

The decoy provides wind-movable head and tail when a breeze hits them. It can be more realistic to an incoming deer and allow the deer to the hunting spot with more confidence. 

Metal Stake

Standing up a deer decoy in windy areas isn’t a problem anymore. It comes with a sturdy metal stake that gives incredible support and ability against strong winds.

Suitable for Any Weather Condition

This best deer decoy is weather protected. If you are a hunter, you can take this product in all weather conditions such as rain, snow, and freezing rain.


It comes with a carry bag that has a strap for your shoulder or hand. The price of this product is also affordable.


  • Offers a realistic figure that attracts the deer to the hunting point
  • Provides the movement of head and tail with a slight breeze to look realistic
  • Features a lightweight design for convenient portability
  • Comes with a high-quality structure for any weather condition
  • Includes removable antlers to make the decoy from a buck to a doe


  • The base might be more durable
  • Somewhat heavy for long-distance carrying


A deer decoy is one of the most effective ways to hunt deer. It can provide you the best hunting experience in your life. You should only pay attention to all the described features. If you come out from home with this excellent hunting assistant tool, hopefully, it will help you to get great success.