What to Gift You 2 Year Kids

Your 2-year-old has huge amounts of energy and curiosity, so it is good to find activities that attract attention. At this age, he is still attracted to brightly colored objects that emit interesting sounds.

Gift 2 Year Kids

By becoming increasingly mobile, you will be interested in toys that you can push, pull, and drag. You will also be fascinated by puzzles and other toys that stimulate your mind.

A tricycle

A tricycle is great for fostering your child’s sense of independence. He’ll have fun buzzing in it, especially when he realizes he can control the speed depending on how fast he pedals or pushes.

Choose a model with a wide base for added stability. Some tricycles have adjustable seats or other practical features, such as a place to store things under the seat.

You may want to choose a tricycle with a handle to push it that can be removed. This gives you the option of pushing your baby when he was tired of pedaling.

Materials for manual work

Young children’s drawings may look like scribbles now, but with the right stuff, your child could become the next Picasso! So stock up on thick markers and crayons, water and paper paints, and let it experiment.

At this age, children like to use different rollers, brushes, and sponges (and body parts!) To create different effects with the paint. But make sure you read the labels of all the materials before your baby uses them to make sure everything is washable and non-toxic.

A toy kitchenette

Bring out the inner chef of your baby with a toy kitchenette. Young children will play happily for hours with a basket full of plastic groceries or lots of pots, pans, and spoons.

Food-related toys allow you to imitate what adults do in the kitchen, and they will keep your interest for a couple of years, even as your game becomes more sophisticated.

Toys to enjoy outdoors

A sandpit would be fun for your two-year-old son, especially if you buy him a bucket or bucket and a shovel to build castles or just make cupcakes.

Another thing that kids of this age love are playing with a plastic dump truck. Your child will have fun loading it with sand and then dumping the load.

Many 2-year-old children are obsessed with balls and will enjoy kicking a sponge ball to put it in a net. For now, your little one likely fails to get the ball into the net, but this will change as his coordination improves.


By the time he is two years old, your baby can enjoy books with more than just a few words on each page.

You will delight in simple stories, lullabies, and repetitive poems with illustrations full of color that you can point to with your finger.

Your little one will especially like interactive books, in which he can join the action or make sounds. Look for some of the favorites, such as “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle or “Let’s Hunt a Bear” by Michael Rosen.

Bath toys

Bath time is one of the Best Birthday Gifts for 2 Year Old is not so much a relaxing and soothing ritual, but an opportunity to splash water and have fun. Your baby will love colored objects that make bath time more fun.

You will love rope boats, bubble machines, and water spray toys. You will also be fascinated by special children’s soaps or bath gloves in the form of little animals. Maybe I even let you use them to wash your body!

Building blocks

The blocks are perfect for developing in your little one the ability to grab, stack, and sort.

Make sure that the pieces you choose are large enough so that your child cannot put them in his mouth, with the risk of suffocation. You can experiment with how many blocks you can stack before your tower collapses, or enjoy sorting them by colors or shapes.

Pulling toys

The toys pull delighted children for generations, and its design has not changed much over the years.

Most come in the form of trains, trucks, or animals with ears, tails or legs that move. It is almost certain that if you see one that you like, your child will love it too.


Your little one will be fascinated by the intellectual challenge of the problems, and by solving them, he will learn the shapes and colors.

Choose a beautiful wooden animal puzzle or one of the alphabets to give you an advantage with the first steps to learn to read.

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